Magda con Shitapon

Magda Flores

Magdalena Flores, the loving matriarch of the family, follows in the footsteps of her mother Herlinda. She assists not only those in her immediate family but also others found throughout the surrounding and distant communities of San Francisco. Her artisania, her songs (or Ikaros), and her affable ways only add to her being a buena maestra.

Enrique con Shitapon

Enrique Flores

Papa Enrique, or Abuelito, as he is known by his family, continues in the footsteps of his father as a gran maestro. His golden heart, wisely patient manner, and genuine sincerity lead him to be a great example of how the plants work in one's life.

PA140086 (2).JPG

Pasquel Flores

Pasquel Flores, or Paco, continues the line of maestros y artesanias in Papa Enqrique's family line. His sincere heart, masterful songs, and beautiful artwork bring him respect and admiration.

Most photography provided by Vincent Roazzi Jr.