You can't just take.

You must give back.

As you give to us, we give to others.

As we give to others, we give to the world.



Our desire to help others does not stop with you.

LA Puma Negra

Our first project cultivates a sacred space for healing and learning, edible and medicinal plants, and place for las Flores to work out of free of the encumbrances of others. With your and others support, we complete this project in a good way.

La Puma Negra Dos

Our second project includes La Casa De Ninos y Viejos. With your help, we'll create a safe place to live for young and old alike, those with and without family, and the infirm.


We give back to our and other communities by purchasing school supplies for orphan children of all ages. Our goal is to reach out to further outlying areas in support of their needs, too.


Coming Soon.

Money goes a long way down here. Your future donations will give us a chance to make more than a difference.


Special thanks to Vincent Roazzi Jr. for providing all photography featured in this website.